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Dr. Jürgen Neubert Consulting

A management consultancy focussing primarily on the requirements of the producing industries.

I strive to offer my support in satisfying the holistic, practical and pragmatic aspects of a project in a well-balanced manner. In my business, I don’t offer suggestions from a safe distance – on the contrary: I "get up close" in order to be able to provide a solution you benefit from. Moreover, my strength is the expedient way in which I execute the analysis and design phases and the subsequent implementation.

Because of my experience there is a focus on lighting industries. The whole lighting sector is presently in the midst of a historic upheaval due to the rise in LED technology. Therefore, companies have to contend with challenges that affect all business areas.

My projects can extend to fundamental issues such as strategy development, adaptation and restructuring, including subtasks that will be tackled with a holistic view to the bigger picture.